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We will be open July and August Fridays and Saturdays 10-3 starting Fri. July 11th.

We will be serving Scones and Tea, Homemade  Soups, Afternoon Tea (By reservation) and Dessert Teas.

We will have Specialty Ice Teas, and Sun Tea. Please call 978-355-2157 for reservations. 

We will also be serving Tea in the gazebo. 

 Hope to see you soon!!!   





















Read a portion of an actual unsolicited review posted at another tea site.

Mullen's Herbal Tea House
Barre, MA
Visited: July, 2003

The Mullen's Tea House is, by far, the best tea I've ever attended, in the US or abroad. The attention to detail is superb, from the cinnamon-rimmed iced tea glasses to the homegrown edible flowers that accompany each dish.

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Specialty Teas

Our Specialty Bread for:

Our Bold Black Peppercorn Au jus Bread
Also try our seasonal Cranberry Eggnog Bread !!

Sweet Violets, Wildflower Breads
Are homemade fresh breads made daily. We offer more than 10 different loaves like Cinnamon Raisin, Pesto Parmesan, Tomato Basil, White, Oatmeal, Bacon Ranch & Seasonal loaves as well, just to name a few. All of our breads are made with fresh local ingredients and have no preservatives or other ingredients that the body can not break down naturally. We assure the freshest breads possible, so that not only are you getting the best tasting breads but they are also a benefit to your health!
To check them out just click on the link
Sweet Violets Wildflower Breads!!


 Friendship Remembrance Sourdough Tea Starter
We have recently found a really neat and old recipe in old box hidden away in the cellar!  This recipe is from the 1920's when the Wang Gang Tea Room was open. It is a recipe that has been brewing for over 90 years, if you would like to purchase this starter please call the Teahouse for more information.


We are excited to have our Annie B's Botanical line sold in beautiful Brookfield Ma at Knitt Witts Yarn Shop where we sell our Knitters soap and many more varieties exclusively for them; so if you are looking for the perfect soap for that knitter in your life check out Knitt Witts Yarn Shop in Beautiful Brookfield Ma. We also are selling our line in Salem Ma, & Spencer Ma . 
Annie B is the daughter of Maggie Mullen, and ancestor to 
Rebecca Nurse of Salem Ma.
If you would like to know more of our Annie B's Botanicals and history email us and we will be glad to give you more information!

To view photos of our Theme Teas and more, click on the link below, 
or go to our Tea Parties page. 

Our new line of homemade Chocolates are now being made with Organic Green Tea Chocolate that we are having specially shipped to us! Even our new Chocolate dipped Oreos are organic with green tea filling! We are currently taking orders for our new line of chocolates, please remember to order in advance, to insure that everything is perfect. Our chocolates are made with the finest ingredients known, and our attention to detail is a must. If you would like to know more about our new line of chocolates, please call the TeaHouse and we will glad to answer any of your questions and send you out a brochure!
 Mullen's Herbal TeaHouse is known for our attention to detail and perfection in everything we create, to read some of our reviews go to
www.teamap.com enter in our zip code 01005 and look under Mullen's Herbal TeaHouse.


  To look at some samples of just some of our Homemade Chocolates or any other holiday chocolates, please click on the link below or visit our Grace's Goodies page.
Grace's Goodies




If you still wish to purchase any of our items or new teas that we have , let us know and we will be glad to ship them out!
For more information about this or any of our products please call the teahouse
@ 978-355-2157 or email

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Please pardon the mess, while we add all our new wonderful products.  Thank you.

As Freshly Poured Tea Settles Into Comfortable Warmth, Gentle Conversation So Different From The Frantic Rush Of Everyday - Opens The Heart To New Possibilities.

Our teas are 100% natural. We have black, green, white and red naturally flavored teas and much more. Buy 5 ounces and you will receive a free sample tea. We also have our own special Mullen’s Tea House blends.


 Rose Teapot Necklace.

Rose Teapot Earrings.

Old Fashion Victorian Rose Teapot Necklace

Victorian Rose Teapot Necklace.


.                            .  
Full Bloom Gourmet Party Iced Tea Set,
comes with one Led lighted pitcher, 9 tea blooms, and
2 bottles of Da Vinci gourmet flavorings Vanilla 
and Caramel, (also available in sugar free).

Iced Tea for Two Set,
comes with two 16oz mason jars,
6 tea blooms, and 2 bottles of
Da Vinci gourmet flavorings
Vanilla and Caramel,
(also available sugar free).


Sign our guest book and receive emails, newsletters about upcoming events, special discounts/coupons and more!

If you are planning to come for a visit or are just interested in a brochure then please click on the link below for a printable brochure. Thank you!
Mullen's Herbal Teahouse

We are proud to Announce that we are members of the:

Culinary Institute of New England.

Bread Makers Guild.

The Herb Society of America.

Calorie-Free Naturally Sweet Tea

New ! ! !

The smooth, full flavor of premium China black tea is enhanced with the natural, lingering sweetness of Korean Hydrangea serrata leaf.
This guilt-free delicacy has no calories and no artificial sweeteners and provides a fresh, new, healthy indulgence for lovers of traditional sweet tea. It's equally refreshing served hot or over ice.

We Now carry a line of
Full Bloom Teas
please click on the link below for a video demo.
Teapot bloom video demo

Seven Dancing Fairies.
To view the video please click on the picture above.

Blooming Tea Gift Packages
Large Glass Teapot with 6 Assorted Blooming Tea in White Gift Box and Glass Tea Light Warmer

From chocolate banana cream pie to frozen bananas dipped in chocolate, this all-time favorite flavor duo will put a smile on anyone's face. This caffeine-free cup starts off with the creamy, slightly sweet, tropical essence of ripe banana finished with the rich flavor of chocolate and rooibos.


      New ! ! !      

Cinnamon Vanilla Herb Tea - As the seasons change, escape from the brisk air with a hot cup of tea. Sweet vanilla and warm cinnamon are blended with caffeine-free rooibos to keep you and your loved ones toasty. Snuggle up to the glow of the fireplace with this tea and let the silent night lull you to blissful dreams.

Get Gorgeous Travel Kit
Now you can get what you need, and take it with you! Each Be Well Tea Travel Kit contains one travel tin of Be Well Red® Tea with six round, unbleached teabags, as well as a collection of amenities to help you reach your desired state of being. The get gorgeous tea travel kit for beauty provides a gel eye mask, shower gel and a hemp scrubber.

Ginger Peach Black Glass Bottled Iced Tea (16.9)
Longevity Tea. Expertly brewed and bottled in our beautifully packaged 500ML size bottle containing two servings. Ginger Peach is our most popular -- it has a tingle of spice and the lushness of fresh peaches.

Ginger Peach
Our best-selling tea has the sweet lushness of a fancy peach with spicy ginger. Voted "Outstanding Beverage" by the National Association of the Specialty Food Trade.

Superfruit Tea -
 Real all natural Pomegranate juice blended with fine green tea. The glistening crimson seeds of the pomegranate fruit are deliciously sweet and heavy with juice. Fresh and crisp China green tea creates an ideal base for this ruby-hued blend. Antioxidants are abundant in each cup... Sip away!!

Imperial Republic
Snow Rose Full Leaf (2.3 oz)
Snow Rose is a rare, hand-plucked native Chinese Herb Tea.  Prized for its soothing properties, this herbal blend infuses a bright cup with a sweet, floral finish.

This Pink Flower Scarf is just the thing to wear out for a brunch with friends!

I just love this Scarf!!! It is absolutely beautiful and will go with everything. You will look timeless on your night out!

Our Spoon Tea
is our newest line!

we carry a variety of SpoonTea's, including our Sampler pack which comes with:
 3 Black SpoonTeas
3 Green SpoonTeas
3 Rosehip SpoonTeas
3 Mixed Herbal SpoonTeas
3 Earl Gray SpoonTeas.

Order now and try some
Of our new Green Tea
Chocolate Bars
...There absolutely delicious just look at my son Jaxon who's one. He doesn't miss a piece, and it's healthy with all the benefits that green tea has to offer...
We sell out of these at every tea!

Also enjoy these new 
Tea Cookies 
with a warm and relaxing cup of tea we have many teas in stock. It's a good way to have a light snack between meals.

Tea infused Chocolate

Indulge with our luxuriously rich and fragrant tea infused into our creamy milk chocolate including Jasmine-Green Tea, Orange- Black Tea, Ginger-Green Tea, and Masala Chai-Black Tea.  The perfect blend of milk chocolate with a hint of tea.

Panda Berry Tea
is a wonderful kids tea, it made with natural strawberry, cherry, apple pieces, rose hips, hibiscus, licorice root and fine decaffeinated black tea in 50 unbleached tea bags. So let the little ones enjoy tea with you, it makes for great memories! 


Strawberry Vanilla Tea

Sweet strawberries and vanilla are blended with organic rooibos and is naturally caffeine-free.

Tangerine Tea
Bright citrus notes of tangerine are blended with organic rooibos and is naturally caffeine-free.

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